Recital to open tonight!

Opening night for the recital this evening, Thursday at 6pm. Tickets still available at the door, but arrive early to get a seat!

Schedule for the dancers:
Carnival of the Animals, arrive at 5:30 to get dressed. This dance will be performed first. At the end of the dance, parents may take photos, and dancers will be excused to go home unless they will be sitting with their family to watch the other dance.

Garden Party:
We will do a barre to warm up at 4pm, then rehearse the dance at 4:30. The youngest dancers can arrive in time for the rehearsal.

ALL DANCERS! After your last performance, whichever day that is, you MUST empty your drawer of all leotards, tights, any other dirty clothing etc. that belongs to you. You may leave your character skirts and shoes, but slippers can be taken home and washed. If they are too small, please consider bringing them back in the fall to pass down to a younger dancer. All items left behind will be taken to the thrift store.

See you soon!


June News

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Summer Arts Fair performances a big success.  The dancing was lovely and the parent helpers did a great job!  We missed having our youngest dancers participate, but as they get older, they can look forward to being a part of this event in the future.

We are now in full on recital mode.  There are several important events leading up to the big event.

First, the dates and times for the recital:

Thursday June 19, and Friday, June 20, shows at 6pm

Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22, two shows, at 1pm and 3pm

The youngest dancers will be designated to dance in one evening show, and one show Saturday and Sunday.  Please be sure to let us know if there are any scheduling conflicts.

Dress rehearsal for the ballet piece, Thursday, June 5th at 5pm.  Please let me know if you are not able to attend.

Dress rehearsal for Carnival of the Animals, Monday, June 10 at 3:30pm

Ballet Flash mob at the Farmer’s Market, Friday, June 13 at 2pm.  Please let me know if you can join us.  We will include whichever ballet pieces we have enough dancers for.

Classes as usual during the beginning of the recital week.

TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE THE WEEK OF JUNE 10. Cost, $15 general admission, $10 children 12 and under and seniors.

We will need parent helpers for each show.  Please let me know if you are available.  Thank you.