Input on a possible recital date change

So, I am already getting feedback about the idea of changing dates, and it looks like some people in the cast have already made plans for that other week end. I have let the Playhouse know that these other dates are not be possible.
At least I wanted to put it out to everyone in case we could make the change.

Possible schedule change for recital

Dear dancers and families,

It looks like we may need to change our performance dates to the weekend of December 14, 15, 16, with rehearsals the preceding week.  We are being asked if we can accommodate a change in other events scheduled at the Playhouse, and it seems okay to me.  I have checked the public school schedule, and winter break does not start until the following Saturday, the 22nd, so it seems that everyone will still be around.

If there are special school events that week, we can do our best to work around them.

By the way, we are moving along at a steady pace.  Doing a classical ballet is challenging to us all, as there is a lot of “acting” involved rather than just “turn on the music and dance”!

Thanks for all the support!