Two notices

H everyone! Hope you are ready for the rain! Two announcements-
Reminder that Kevin will be down next Monday 2:45-5:30. Some of you have given me advance orders, thank you so much.
The other is a notice about changing the SPRING recital date to the weekend of May 19-21, with rehearsals and preparations during the preceding week. I hope this date works out well and can become a “regular” event for us. There is just no way we can be ready for a big show at the end of April if we participate in dance exams (the older students) at the end of March as well as deal with spring vacations. Please mark your calendars now.
Thank you all!

Kevin will be down soon!

Hello! Kevin will be down Monday the 17th, 2:45-5:30. I hope everyone needing to shop can make it. I will make order forms for you to pre-pay and give me to have Kevin fill, also.