Class Payments And Yearly Fees

Rates and fees
Registration fee:

$10 per year per family, usually paid in September

Costume use fee, usually paid in September:

pre-ballet, $35 per year,
Ballet 1, 2, 3 and teens- $50 per year

Class fees are calculated based on the length of the session:

1x week $12 per class
2x week $11 per class
teens $35 per week

adult drop in: $10 per class

Students participating in RAD exams will have some additional expenses.  Info will be provided when available.


* payment plans available

* scholarships available

One thought on “Class Payments And Yearly Fees

  1. Hi! I was wondering about signing my daughter, Olivia, up for classes. She is 4 yrs old but has not done ballet yet. Would she be in the Monday 2 o’clock class or the 2:30 class? She has school on Mondays but I could try to pick her up early to get to class. You can email me back or call me at 923-2626. Thanks!

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