Class Payments And Yearly Fees

Payment policies

Payment is calculated on a session basis, and made at the beginning of the session. If needed, payments can be made over time. Scholarships are also available, as we have many opportunities for trading classes for help, especially with performances (such as creating posters, programs, publicity and costumes). No child will be turned away!

Because of a limited schedule, we cannot, unfortunately, offer make up classes for missed classes. We can however, be flexible if a child is ill for a longer time, and some compensation can be made towards the next session. However, we cannot offer refunds.

We ask that a small fee is paid towards costume use, rather than asking you to purchase all of your child’s costumes, as is often done in other schools. This money goes towards purchasing additional costumes as needed and builds our costume inventory. Payments can be made for the full year, two shows, or for the one show your child may be participating in.

Tickets for performances need to be purchased, as most of the audience is family and if families got free tickets we wouldn’t be able to cover our expenses, such as rents, insurance and lighting. Purchasing a ticket supports the SoHum Dancing program, and the Redwood Playhouse. Since parents/guardians need to bring their child to the performance, we suggest that each parent purchase a seat for only one show, then for the show you are not purchasing a ticket,, we can usually accommodate those waiting as standing room. Again, if the cost of tickets is out of your budget, please offer to help in exchange for a seat. as set up and clean up are big projects, and more help makes this go faster.

Thank you!


One thought on “Class Payments And Yearly Fees

  1. Hi! I was wondering about signing my daughter, Olivia, up for classes. She is 4 yrs old but has not done ballet yet. Would she be in the Monday 2 o’clock class or the 2:30 class? She has school on Mondays but I could try to pick her up early to get to class. You can email me back or call me at 923-2626. Thanks!

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