What To Wear

Below you will find the colors for your dancer’s class level and the basic dance wear they will need.  A Dress Code has been posted on Discount Dance Supply.  Go to the upper right and click on students.  You will find our fall session dress code and be able to shop using that.  It may be easier to shop for similar items from Amazon as we are having issues with Discount Dance sometimes.  You can also check Bloch.com


           On Discount Dance our school/teacher code is123564


Class colors for cap sleeve leotards and chiffon skirts:

Pre ballet Pink

Ballet 1 lavender

Ballet 2 burgundy or substitute purple

teens navy or blackberry

Cap sleeve leotard color based on above list

Chiffon skirt color based on above list,

Ballet pink tights

*pre ballet and ballet 1 and 2 may also wear pink or white ankle socks for class

*Be sure to have at least one pair of unused tights for the recital in June

Children full footed tights

Teens convertible tights


This is for the recital session.  It is a nude color cami leotard worn under costumes

Pink, full sole slippers for girls, purchase the Bloch brand

Ballet 2, and teens need ribbons for their slippers

Hair pins, Bunheads brand

Hairnets for the recital, Bunheads brand (or other)

Hair ties    


     Pink wrap sweaters

Leg Warmers

 Boys/ Men

white short sleeve leotard, navy or black leggings or convertible tights, white socks, white slippers


Leggings or convertible tights

Dance brief

Slippers ,white or black

All students must wear appropriate undergarments as needed based on age/ gender/ development. It is highly recommended that all female students purchase an “undertard” (my name) to wear under costumes which might be itchy. All bras and undies must be in a nude/ skin tone and not visible outside of leotards.
All character shoes and skirts are provided by the studio.

Please let your dancer’s teacher know if purchase expenses are out of your budget and we will do our best to make needed items available. We have a small selection of laundered “hand me downs” available and encourage the sharing of dance wear that your child may have outgrown.

Please be sure that you/ your dancer is groomed appropriately for ballet class.
Females: long hair must be neatly pulled back from the face, pre-primary levels and above must have hair in a bun, or short hair well clipped back, bangs off of forehead. Do not use a plastic headband as they fall off. Buns must be properly secured with hairpins and hairnet, NOT with a hair tie or scrunchy!Males: Hair must be neatly groomed off of the face, use gel if needed

Jewelry is not permitted for class or performances. The exception is small stud earrings for class if desired.

Appropriate make up will be needed for performances, depending on age and role being danced, (such as lipstick for the youngest dancers, and light general make up for older dancers). Make up is discouraged for class.


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