Current Schedule

Fall schedule 2022

Performance week is December 5-11, with rehearsals during the week and matinee performances Saturday and Sunday.

There will be more details about the recital schedule soon.

Class schedule:

pre-ballet ages 3-4 Wednesday 1-1:45

pre-primary (pre-ballet 2) ages 4-5 Wednesdays 3-3:45

ballet 1 ages 6-8, with Natalie

group 1 Wednesday 2:30

group 2 Wednesday 3:30

ballet 2 ages 9-12 Wednesdays 4-5:00, Saturdays 11:00, as scheduled later

teen/adult Wednesdays 5-6:30, Saturdays 12:15-3:00

Important information about classes:

There will not be class on the following Wednesdays:

October 19th, November 23rd, November 30th

There will be extra rehearsals the week of the show, December 5-11

Class fees:

pre ballet and pre-primary $150 plus $35 annual costume use fee

ballet 2: 10, Wednesday classes and 5, Saturday classes that will start Saturday October 29 (time to be determined later) $180 ($150 if Wednesdays only) plus $35 annual costume use fee

teen: 10, Wednesdays and 11, Saturdays $252 plus $35 annual costume use fee

*All students must be registered for class.










4 thoughts on “Current Schedule

  1. Hello, I would like to get my daughter into a couple classes a week I was wondering when I could sing her up?She is 5 in a half!! Thank you!!

    • Hi, thanks for asking! She would be in the Monday and Wednesday class at 3:30. Most girls come once a week, but there is one twice a week student.
      Good timing, we start the second half of the session soon. Next week there will be a sub teaching for Natalie, named Alisa. Don’t worry about dance gear yet, we are working on a shopping account with Discount Dance online. Please do fill out a registration form, there should be a blank one in the red notebook on the table, which Alisa can find for you.


    • Hi, I suggest you come by the studio on Monday at 4:00 so we can discuss options. The dancers her age usually meet 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The other option may be starting with a younger group on Mondays at 4:15. We are currently starting preparations for the spring recital, which is at the end of May.

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