Current Schedule

Winter session SoHum Dancing 2023, January 18- March 22

(Spring Session will be April 29- June 4)

There will be two, ten week sessions up until the recital, which will be the weekend of June 3/4. As there are several different school spring break schedules, we will continue classes as usual without a break.

Some of the older students will be doing exams for the Royal Academy of Dance at the end of March. We will talk with you more about this soon.


pre ballet 1/ creative dance (3-4 years old) will start up a little later, possibly on another day

pre ballet 2 (ages 4-5) at 3

ballet 1 with Natalie, ages 6-9 2:30 and 3:30

ballet 2 ages 10-12 at 4

teen/ adult at 5


ballet 1 exam prep at 10

ballet 2 at 11

teens at noon

Modern classes with Alisa for teens will be on Thursdays at 4:15. Please speak with Alisa if you are interested

Fees per session, please only pay for Winter session at this time:

1x week class $150

2x week classes $240

exam fee for participating students (parents will be contacted):

class award primary:$64

class award grade 2: $72

solo performance exam teens:$72

costume fee, new students, $25

Parent observation, tentative date Wednesday March 22 at 5pm

Exam date, tentative, Saturday, March 25

Mark your calendar, Performance schedule

shows Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4 at 1 pm

dress rehearsal all dancers Wednesday, May 31 at 5 pm, warm ups at 4pm

full cast rehearsal Wednesday, May 24 at 5 pm, warm ups at 4pm

Dancewear available from Bloch:

slippers: Dansoft slippers

leotards: Girls short sleeve round neck leotard, pre ballet pink and ballet 1 lavender

Mirella cap sleeve leotard or Ladies Cavalier round neck, ballet 2 and teens, navy

tights: Girls Endura footed tights in ballet pink

Ladies convertible tights ballet pink

skirts pre-ballet Girls Barre stretch Waist Ballet Skirts light pink

Accessories: hair kits, hair pins, hair nets text Kathy 707 223-1282 Natalie 707 223-1893

*All students must be registered for class.










4 thoughts on “Current Schedule

  1. Hello, I would like to get my daughter into a couple classes a week I was wondering when I could sing her up?She is 5 in a half!! Thank you!!

    • Hi, thanks for asking! She would be in the Monday and Wednesday class at 3:30. Most girls come once a week, but there is one twice a week student.
      Good timing, we start the second half of the session soon. Next week there will be a sub teaching for Natalie, named Alisa. Don’t worry about dance gear yet, we are working on a shopping account with Discount Dance online. Please do fill out a registration form, there should be a blank one in the red notebook on the table, which Alisa can find for you.


    • Hi, I suggest you come by the studio on Monday at 4:00 so we can discuss options. The dancers her age usually meet 3 days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The other option may be starting with a younger group on Mondays at 4:15. We are currently starting preparations for the spring recital, which is at the end of May.

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