Tickets!….and more…..

Making a change of plans, ticket sales will start this Monday, Dec. 2 at the studio.  You will be able to purchase your tickets at classes and rehearsals.  The cost is $10 per ticket.  In order to do our best to accommodate all of our dancers’ families, we are asking for a few considerations:

Initial ticket sales will be limited to a maximum of 4 tickets per family.  At the dress rehearsal on Monday, Dec.9, we will open up ticket sales without this limitation.

If you are only planning to stay for Act 1, when the younger dancers are performing, we ask that you please purchase your tickets for the first weekend of performances, Dec. 13 and 14.  We would like to have as many seats available for those wishing to see our guest performers dance in the second act the second weekend.

There will be a brief intermission after act 1, when parents who are watching the show will be able to retrieve their act 1 dancer to sit with them for act 2.  At this point, the dancers from act 1 may also go home, as they are done performing.

We will do our very best to assure that everyone who wants to see the show will be able to.  We are working on our connections with Harry Potter and friends to create an expandable theater for us!


Thanks to the inspiration of some of our adult dancers and the generosity of Tranquility Lane Flowers, we will be making bouquets available to present to your dancer, for a small donation.  This is a new project and we hope to have enough for everyone that needs one.


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!



SoHum Dancing presents…


A fantasy ballet in two acts



     FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 4pm-7pm

Join us as we rehearse the finale of the ballet!


Weekend one, Friday, December 13 @ 6pm

                           Saturday, December 14 @ 1pm

                           Saturday, December 14 @ 4pm

Weekend two, *Friday, December 20 @ 6pm

                           *Sunday, December 22 @ 1pm

                           *Sunday, December 22 @ 4pm

*Featuring our special guest performers, Michelle Joy and Gregory Brown


All performances take place at SoHum Dancing, located in the Solar Suites building at 1155 Redway Drive, Redway, next door to Persimmons

Tickets $10, seating limited, arrive early!

More info available at: and

What your dancer needs for the show

What the young dancers need for the show: girls, their pink tights and their pink slippers; boys, black tights and black slippers. I will have their  costumes for them. Kevin and I had tried to find little pink socks for the girls to use for class, thus saving their tights for the show, but this didn’t happen. So, I hope everyone still has a good pair of tights to wear! I have some extras in various sizes, all washed up in case anyone needs any. Girls, hair is always in a bun, or pulled back away from the face, if short. For the little ones, bobbi pins, gel, and hairnets from the grocery store should suffice. Older dancers will most likely need hairpins from Threadbare Dancewear. Boys may need a hair cut or trim, and some gel to shape their hair if it is longer.  Dancers in act 1 should arrive 30 minutes before show time, with their hair done, a little lipstick if they want, and their tights on, ready to finish dressing at the studio.  Dancers in act 2, pre teens, teens and adults, will need to arrive 2 hours before show time to warm up.

The next post will have info on buying tickets.


A reminder:  Please make sure your dancer has new tights for the shows coming up, as well as slippers, and hairpins, hair nets, and hair gel.  Dressing up is a big part of performance fun, as well as a way to feel well prepared.  Encourage your dancer to learn to be responsible for her dance gear and to prepare her hair herself.  Male dancers will also want to check over their tights and slippers, replace as needed,  and get some hair gel if their hair is not super short.  Call Kevin at Threadbare Dancewear to order anything you need, and he will put it all together with the costumes for me to pick up.  822-7894.  Most costumes will be ready to try on after Thanksgiving.

Information for the week after Thanksgiving

Dear dancers and parents,  The week after Thanksgiving I would like to make time for the youngest dancers to practice their dances together,

*On Monday, we would like Nina’s pre ballet 1 dancers to stay 15 minutes after class, and the pre ballet 2 dancers to arrive 15 minutes early.

*Then, we would like all of Natalie’s dancers to meet on Tuesday to practice their dances together, 3:15-4.  This includes her Monday class, Tuesday class and Thursday boys’ class.

*On Wednesday, we will have all of the Candy Canes practice their dance in class at 3:15.

*On Friday, Dec. 6, we are having an Open Rehearsal Event for the 2nd act, Waltz of the Snowflakes and Skaters’ Waltz.  This includes pre teens, teens and adults, starting with warm ups at 4pm.  We will be inviting the general public to attend.  Please come by and watch!

Classes will also take place as scheduled through the week.


Winter Wonderland

Hi everyone, plans for our winter performances are shaping up.  Rehearsals started this week, and things are looking great!

Here is the schedule as of now:

Friday Dec.6  Open rehearsal for all dancers available to come.  We will set a schedule for each dance to be rehearsed, starting around 4pm..  This is an idea that is popular with other ballet schools, so I thought we could have a go at it.   I am thinking that this will be mostly for the older dancers.

Monday, Dec. 9 dress rehearsal for all dancers, starting with the youngest dancers at 4 pm (this will be in place of the 3 earliest classes).  Pre-teens, teens and adults will start at 5pm.We will rehearse in costumes and possibly with stage lights!  This might be a great time to take some photos of your dancer!

Classes will continue as scheduled through that week.


Weekend one:

Friday, Dec. 13, show at 6 pm

Saturday, Dec.14, I would like to do 2 shows, at 1 pm and 4 pm, rather than 1 show at 6pm.  This is also a day of the Winter Arts Fair at the Mateel.  Families can combine enjoying both events on the same day.  I believe we have done this successfully in the past.

Weekend two, with our guest dancers!

Friday, Dec. 20, show at 6 pm

Sunday, Dec.22, two shows, 1pm and 4 pm

Please note that our youngest dancers will be divided into two groups, each group performing  3 shows only!

Details on arrival times for each group of dancers will be available later.