….and a reminder

Reminder! Do you have new tights for your dancer for the performances? Threadbare Dancewear will be closed the week of Thanksgiving, open until Saturday, November 22 then open again Tuesday, Dec.2. Also, make sure you have enough hairpins and hairnets as well!

An idea….

Hi, The older students are expressing an interest in meeting for classes next week, during Thanksgiving break, to rehearse their dances. Natalie’s students might want to do the same, if you are in town. Let’s check in today and tomorrow with Natalie about her classes as well. As for Nina’s girls, I think we will stick with the original plan and give Nina some time to relax!!!


Cast List

Winter Wonderland 2014
Snowflakes: Nina’s pre-ballet1
Snow ladies: Nina’s pre-ballet 2
Icicles: Natalie’s intro to ballet
Skaters: Natalie’s pre-primary
And adults skaters

Elves: Saffron, River, Amy Jane
Tarantella doll: Nya
Harlequin dolls: Mahala and Caidence
Christmas Tree Angel: Angelica
Polish Mazurka Dolls: Mimi, Adalaya
Spanish Dolls: Nadya, Ipo
Dandy: Adalaya, Mimi, Nadya, Miranda
Can Can Dancers: Amorette, Ashley
Russian Dolls: Byron, Lucas, Jaxon
Mrs. Elf: Kathy

Quick notes

A quick note, the fall session will be over after our last winter performance, Sunday Dec. 14. (The original schedule included an extra week in case we had to do our performances the week of Dec. 15-21). Classes will then resume Monday, January 5, same schedule.

Also, I am considering doing our Spring recital the weekend of May 22,23,24. This is much earlier than in the past. Classes would still continue til mid June, with older dancers participating in the Summer Arts Fair. I am hoping this will assure that everyone will be around to participate in the performances, and that we avoid end of the year over-scheduling of events.

Rehearsal updates

Monday, Nov. 17
3:30 group rehearsal for Skaters’ Waltz
Thursday, Nov. 20
4pm group rehearsal for Magic Doll Shop
We hope to see everyone for these pre-Thanksgiving rehearsals!