Winter session 2023

Winter session SoHum Dancing 2023, January 18- March 22

(Spring Session will be April 29- June 4)

There will be two, ten week sessions up until the recital, which will be the weekend of June 3/4. As there are several different school spring break schedules, we will continue classes as usual without a break.

Some of the older students will be doing exams for the Royal Academy of Dance at the end of March. We will talk with you more about this soon.


pre ballet 1/ creative dance (3-4 years old) will start up a little later, possibly on another day

pre ballet 2 (ages 4-5) at 3

ballet 1 with Natalie, ages 6-9 2:30 and 3:30

ballet 2 ages 10-12 at 4

teen/ adult at 5


ballet 1 exam prep at 10

ballet 2 at 11

teens at noon

Modern classes with Alisa for teens will be on Thursdays at 4:15. Please speak with Alisa if you are interested

Fees per session, please only pay for Winter session at this time:

1x week class $150

2x week classes $240

exam fee for participating students (parents will be contacted):

class award primary:$64

class award grade 2: $72

solo performance exam teens:$72

costume fee, new students, $25

Parent observation, tentative date Wednesday March 22 at 5pm

Exam date, tentative, Saturday, March 25

Mark your calendar, Performance schedule

shows Saturday and Sunday, June 3 and 4 at 1 pm

dress rehearsal all dancers Wednesday, May 31 at 5 pm, warm ups at 4pm

full cast rehearsal Wednesday, May 24 at 5 pm, warm ups at 4pm

Dancewear available from Bloch:

slippers: Dansoft slippers

leotards: Girls short sleeve round neck leotard, pre ballet pink and ballet 1 lavender

Mirella cap sleeve leotard or Ladies Cavalier round neck, ballet 2 and teens, navy

tights: Girls Endura footed tights in ballet pink

Ladies convertible tights ballet pink

skirts pre-ballet Girls Barre stretch Waist Ballet Skirts light pink

Accessories: hair kits, hair pins, hair nets text Kathy 707 223-1282 Natalie 707 223-1893


more info

Performance updates


Tickets for performances need to be purchased, as most of the audience is family and if families got free tickets we wouldn’t be able to cover our expenses, such as rents, insurance and lighting. Purchasing a ticket supports the SoHum Dancing program, and the Redwood Playhouse. Since parents/guardians need to bring their child to the performance, we suggest that each parent purchase a seat for only one show, then for the show you are not purchasing a ticket, we can usually accommodate those waiting as standing room.

If the cost of tickets is out of your budget, please offer to help in exchange for a seat, as set up and clean up are big projects, and more help makes this go faster. There will be a volunteer ticket exchange sign up sheet at the ticket table.


Dancer arrivals and costumes

Dancers will be scheduled to arrive by class to keep the dressing room from getting congested. Please have your dancer use the restroom before getting on their costume to minimize costumed bathroom trips!

Dancers in pre ballet and Natalie’s classes need to arrive with their hair and make up done, and tights on. They will only need to bring their slippers. They will put on their undertard and costume in a changing tent, and then their hair clip afterwards. Please have a back pack or bag to put their street clothes in and we will designate a table for these by class.

Pre ballet arrive at 12:30

Natalie’s dancers at 12:00 (a slight change)

After getting all ready, the pre ballet dancers will sit in chairs by the kitchen side of the hall. We can also provide chairs for a parent if needed. Natalie’s dancers will wait in the hall by the stage. We will have one or two parents available to be with them until the show starts.

Kathy’s dancers will arrive at 10am to do warm ups, and prepare. Bring a non messy snack and water bottle. They will then wait in the kitchen.


After the show, let’s get out of costumes in reverse order to avoid congestion in the dressing room. Dancers may wait in the auditorium.

show week

Monday, December 5, we can all meet at 4:00 for a group rehearsal at The
Playhouse, if you are able to come in. Dress rehearsal is the most important, if
you must limit your town trips.

Wednesday, December 7, is a dress rehearsal at The Playhouse, for all
dancers. Please arrive by 4 pm to prepare, so we can start at 4:30 with a quick
warm up. We plan to be done at 6pm

Saturday, and Sunday the performances at The Playhouse, start at 1pm.

Ticket sales start at noon
doors to seating open at 12:30, PLEASE DO NOT RESERVE SEATS

pre ballet dancers arrive at 12:30 to prepare, have hair done (pulled back, in a
bun if possible), makeup done (lipstick is enough), and tights on already. Be
sure to bring your slippers!

Natalie’s dancers arrive at 12:00 to prepare, have hair done (pulled back, in a
bun if possible) and makeup done (lipstick is enough), and tights on already. Be
sure to bring your slippers!

grade 2 and teens arrive at 10:30 am to warm up and prepare (please bring a
drink and snack, tights, slippers, hair things, something warm to wear while

Please complete all class and costume fee payments as soon as possible, if you have not
already done so. Thank you!

Fall 2022

Hello dancers! Classes will be starting soon. The start up date is scheduled for Wednesday, September 14. The schedule is looking like this so far. (If the pre-ballet classes have too large of an enrollment, classes will be added.) All classes are currently set to take place at the Redwood Playhouse in /garberville..

Pre ballet 1, ages 3-4 Wednesdays at 1

pre ballet 2 ages 4-5 TK and K students Wednesdays at 3

ballet 1, ages 6-8 group 1 Wednesdays at 2:30

ballet 1 ages 6-8 group 2 Wednesdays at 3:30

ballet 2 ages 9-11 Wednesdays at 4, and Saturdays at 10 starting late October

teens Wednesdays at 5, and Saturdays at 11

Please contact via text, Kathy 707 223-1954 or Natalie 707 223-1893, for more details and to get the registration forms you will need to bring to the first class. Watch here for more details and info on fees, coming soon.

Spring recital session

Spring recital session will be from April 18 through the recital weekend, June 11 and 12. There will be 6 weeks of regular classes. We will not have class on Memorial Day or June 1, and we cannot use the space on Monday, June 6. Instead we will have a full cast rehearsal on Wednesday June 8 starting at 3:30.

There will be more details about the recital days’ schedules as we get closer, but we are planning to have matinees at 2pm both days, so dancers will arrive earlier to warm up.


pre-ballet ages 3-4 Monday 2-3

Wednesday 1-2

ballet 1 ages 5-7, with Natalie

    group 1 Wednesday 2:30

    group 2 Wednesday 3:30

ballet 2 ages 8-11 Monday 3:30

ballet 3 teen/adult Monday & Wednesday 4:30-6:30

No classes the week of May 30th, Memorial Day and Recycled Youth Production

No class Monday June 6 due to voting set up



dancers will be arriving at various times pre-show to warm up


All students are asked to pay a costume use fee, $35, in addition to class fee

All dancers will need their own tights and slippers

pre-ballet & ballet 2, classes $105

ballet 1, see Natalie
teen ballet, 2 classes per week, 13 classes $156

adult $15 drop in, pre-pay rate also available

June Recital Plans

Due to scheduling conflicts with other community activities, our Spring Recital will take place the weekend of June 11 and 12, with matinees each day. We have already started some choreography and are very excited about the event. The dancers are all doing really well with their classwork, so we are sure to see some great dancing at the recital. More info and details will be shared as plans develop. Thank you for your support!

Classes coming soon

Winter/Early Spring Schedule starting Monday, January 3, 2022

pre-ballet ages 3-4 Monday 2-3

ballet 1. ages 5-7

group 1 Wednesday 2:30

group 2 Wednesday 3:30

ballet 2 ages 8-10 Monday 3:30

ballet 3 preteen/teen/adult Monday&Wednesday 4:30-6:30

All students must be registered for class.

Please contact Kathy at or text 707 223-1954,

*for ballet 1 classes, please contact Natalie at 707 223-1893

Schedule details will be available at registration