Sunday extra rehearsal

All right, let’s see if we can get some people to come Sunday around 1 for a rehearsal. This will be IN ADDITION to the Saturday morning at 10. This should cover everyone’s schedule, I hope! Those who live close to town might be able to make both days…..

The show is still looking very rough, but it is coming together so well that it is worth the extra time!

Tap dance rehearsal

Tap dancers who attend ballet can rehearse their tap dance either Tuesday or Wednesday, which ever is their normal ballet day, at the small group rehearsal, plus they will have their regular class with Jessie on Thursday.

Tap dancers not in ballet can attend either Tuesday or Wednesday rehearsal at 4, plus their regular class with Jessie on Thursday.

I realize that after only two rehearsals the tap dance is only sketched in, but it is helpful for us all to see the “big” picture.

Parent volunteer sign ups to be posted, please see if there is something you can help with.


Sell tickets and bouquets in front:

Friday Saturday Sunday

Bring goodies to show for concessions table:

Friday Saturday Sunday






Help with kids backstage waiting to dance or if someone needs help to use the restroom during the show

Friday Saturday Sunday


Tidy up theater after shows

Friday Saturday Sunday





Set up on Tuesday starting around 11am- bring costumes and props from studio, get dance floor from storage, hang curtains and scenery, clean stage and roll out floor, arrange chairs in auditorium, etc.





Dressing room set up on Wednesday around 2pm- tape up plastic, bring in tables, etc.




Everything above in reverse! (Plus the bathrooms!)

Sunday after show





Dancers’ jobs: all pre-teens and teens please help, you always do a fantastic job!


Put away chairs:

Sweep the floor:

Gather props:


SoHum Dancing to present Winter Wonderland ballet

SoHum Dancing will be presenting its’ annual winter ballet performance soon!  These performances will take place at the Redwood Playhouse located on the CR campus on Sprowel Creek Road in Garberville.  The dates are Friday, December 9th at 6pm, Saturday, December 10th at 1pm and Sunday, December 11 at 1pm.

Act one, Winter Fun, takes place in the snowy countryside, with dancing Matrioshka dolls, bears, ice skaters, and a “live” bonfire.  Act 2 is an adventure inside a dollshop, where some naughty elves assist a mischievous shop assistant in creating magical mayhem with some curious children.  Come join us for some holiday fun.  Tickets are available at the door 30 minutes before show time, adults $15, children and seniors $10.


Hello dancers and families! Now that Halloween is over we are moving swiftly ahead on our Winter Wonderland plans and choreography. As a reminder here are some important dates for you:

At the studio:

We will do 2 group rehearsals on the following dates:
Tuesday November 29, and Wednesday November 30 at 4pm. If your child has class earlier, please come at their regular class time for a little extra practice.

On Monday, December 5, I would like the grade 3 students to attend class with the teens at 5pm as there will not be class on Tuesday.

At the Redwood Playhouse:

Tuesday, December 6: We move dance floor, costumes, sets, and props to the theater during the day. No regularly scheduled classes will take place on Tuesday.

There will be dress/tech rehearsals on Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th at 4pm. We will do act 1 on Wednesday and Act 2 on Thursday. Nina’s students and my pre-ballet students (the Tuesday group at 3:30) will only need to attend the Wednesday dress rehearsal. These rehearsals should be done by 5:30 if all goes well!

Performances are the weekend of Dec. 9, 10, and 11. Friday’s show will be at 6pm and Saturday and Sunday’s shows at 1pm.

As always, there are some “jobs” that require parent volunteers:
getting the rolled dance floor to the theater, managing the goodie table, and baking goodies for each show.

We also need 2 parents each show to assist backstage.

After the show on Sunday, we will need some extra help from dancers and parents to clean up and return things to storage and the studio.

Stay posted for further updates!


More info about the upcoming in-studio rehearsals:

Tuesday and Wednesday, November 29 and 30 at 4pm

All students attending classes either of those days will participate in a group rehearsal either after, during or before their regularly scheduled class.  We will run the entire show.  Dancers in the pre ballet classes may leave after act 1 is done.  Your dancer will only be attending the rehearsal that occurs on their regular class day!

Full group rehearsal for all performers will take place Saturday, December 3 at 10 am.  Please make every effort to attend.  Pre-teens/teens arrive by 9:30 to warm up.


….and about tap!!! Jessie will start tap next week, Thursdays at 3:30, as before. Mainly it will be a review of steps they already learned and rehearsal for the winter show. It is recommended that only students from the previous class start in at this time since it will be focused on setting the dance. At this time we do not have a beginning class scheduled.