Spent an exciting day at the studio yesterday with Kelly, Molly and Rae as they worked on our new scenery backdrop for Winter Wonderland. Natalie and I found an inspiring image to work off of, and Kelly is using her professional skills as an artist to translate it into a stage image! More work today and it ought to be done.

Remember tomorrow is our date for the studio dress rehearsal, Skaters’ Waltz arriving at 12:30, Magic Doll Shop at 2.

There is an important form that all parents will need to sign, “Permission to participate” as the show will be at another venue and not at the studio.

The schedule for show week will be posted tomorrow and available at the studio as well.

Thank you!

About using make up….

This year’s performances will take place in a genuine theater setting, on stage, with lighting.
Thus, all dancers will need to wear a small amount of make up.

Foundation- a light coat of foundation in your natural color will take away the “glare” from the lights
Blush- a touch of blush on the cheeks will add color
Eyes- a little mascara or liner will bring out the eyes. Do not use colored eye shadow.
Lips- use only a color that is slightly darker than natural lip color.


There is a small poster on the mirror in the dressing room with more details.

Magic Doll Shop: some of the above applies, but we are in process with developing the right “look.” Bring make up Thursday to experiment with.

Schedule updates for Monday Dec. 1-Sunday, Dec.7

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday!  This week at the studio we are gearing up for the upcoming shows the following week.

Key points for this week:

Most classes are on a regular schedule.  The exception is that on Thursday we will have another group rehearsal for The Magic Doll Shop at 4pm.  This does not include the dancers from The Skaters’ Waltz.

STUDIO DRESS REHEARSAL for ALL dancers is Sunday, Dec. 7.

Act 1, The Skaters’ Waltz, will start at 1pm, please arrive at 12:30 to change your child into costume.

Act 2, The Magic Doll Shop will start at 2:30pm, please arrive at 2pm to change into your costume.

Parents will be asked to wait out of the studio for the first run through of each dance, then will be invited in to watch a second run, at which time they may take photos and videos.



Please sign up for a job if you see something you can help with.

Goodies: If each family brings one goodie for the goodie table at the shows, there will be plenty.  Donations made by our guests go towards the scholarship fund.  Having goodies to share also helps the ambiance of the event.


TICKETS will be available starting at Dress Rehearsal.


Details for the week of the show will be available next Sunday

Thank you!