Dear dancers and families, I thought this was a good time to check in with everyone. Unfortunately, I do not have any news to post, just waiting like everyone else to see when we can move forward with our public interactions.
What I would envision for a positive direction, is that classes can resume in May and we could plan our recital for later in June. But…. I am not sure that will happen.
Some teachers are offering Zoom dance classes, but I have not risen to that challenge yet. Would there be a strong interest in some zoom classes? If there is, I could look into the process.
Well, I hope everyone is well, and that we see each other again soon!



Dear dancers, I have decided to cancel classes for the rest of the month until we see how the situation develops. Please stay safe and healthy as we support our community’s efforts to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus. Enjoy the rain, the sun, and time at home! When we get the go-ahead for classes to resume, we will make plans to reschedule the recital.

Exam Demo


Hi Everybody! This is a bit of a late notice, as my planning was not on task, but I hope some of you can join us! If you cannot come on Wednesday, please feel free to stay and watch your dancer in class on Monday and we will set up chairs for you all!
Exam Demo
Dear parents and families,
We will be doing a demo of the exam prep work the students have been doing in class this session. It will take place Wednesday, March 11 and start around 4:30pm. We hope to show you each of the levels that are participating.
Performing in front of an audience will help the students gain confidence for this year’s exam or prepare them for their first exam whenever that happens.
Students not participating in the exams are welcome to join us, as all students have been preparing the same exercises. We do hope that more students will be part of the exam experience in the future, as we feel more confident in our skills as teachers with the exam protocols and ready to take in more candidates.
Hope to see you there!

New schedule


Winter Session 2020, January 13-May 16

No classes Presidents Week February17-21, and Spring vacation April 13-17

Student Showcase:

Studio group rehearsals Monday April 27 at 4:30, and Tuesday May 5 at 4:30

Recital week May 11-16, at the Redwood Playhouse Wed-Saturday

Load in Tuesday, set up Tuesday and Wednesday

Tech rehearsal Wednesday at 5pm

Dress rehearsal Thursday at 5pm

Performance Friday at 6pm and Saturday at 1pm

Clean up right after show on Saturday

Class information:

Mondays and Wednesdays:

3:30- 4:15 ballet 1, ages 5-6

4:15-5 ballet 2, ages 6-8

5-6:15 ballet 3, ages 9-12

Tuesdays and Thursdays:

4:00-6:00 teens


Pre-ballet, ages 3-4 10am

10-2 teens

Adult ballet Tuesdays at 10













Annual fees: paid once a year, in addition to class fees, which are paid by the session (twice a year)


Registration $10 per year per family

Costume use fee:

pre ballet $35 per year

Ballet1, 2, 3 and teens: $50 per year




Class fees: total amount due is based on number of classes per session, paid at the beginning of the session

pre ballet, ballet 1, 2, and 3:

1x week $12/week

2x week $22/week

Teens: $30/week


All class fees for the winter/Spring Session are based on a 16 week schedule.

1x week $192

2x week $352

teens $400


This is a very long session.  Please let us know if you need to make a payment plan; some scholarships are available.


Contact Kathy, updates on SoHum Dancing on facebook,



Classes Resume


Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has had an enjoyable vacation!

Ballet classes will resume Monday, January 13.  We will be following the same schedule, same students in the same classes.  The only change may be to the schedule for pre-ballet.  We will keep you updated on that.

We will start the session focusing strictly on class work to ensure that all students are familiar with the material in their level.  In May we will have an end of the year Student Showcase at the theater, May 14, 15, 16.  Please mark that on your calendar.  I will post an official session schedule soon.

We look forward to seeing you!

pre-ballet Tuesdays, possibly Thursdays, at 3:30

ballet 1: Mondays at 3:30

ballet 2: Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:15

ballet 3: Mondays and Wednesdays at 5

teens: Tuesday and Thursdays at 4:15, Saturdays at 11

Show Week Notes


SHOW NOTES FOR SHOW WEEK, at the Redwood Playhouse

Wednesday: We will be taking costumes, scenery, flooring, etc. to the theater around noon. Please let us know if you can help for an hour or two.

Wednesday at 5 is the tech rehearsal for all dancers except for Nina’s class.  Please arrive at 4:30 so we can start on time.  We should be done at 6.

Thursday at 5 dress rehearsal starts.  Please arrive at 4:30 so we can start at 5.  We should be done by 6 or 6:30.  This is for all dancers.

We could use a few parents to help set up the chairs before we start.  Please let us know if you can help.

Friday, December 13: performance at 6pm

Saturday, December 14:  performance at 1pm

*Nina’s students arrive 30 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done already

*Natalie’s ballet 1 arrive 45 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done

*Natalie’s ballet 2 arrive 45 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done

*All of Kathy’s students arrive 2 hours before show time for warm ups and prep, some rehearsal

Saturday after the show we will clean up.  We will need a few parents to stay after and help put away chairs, etc. 

Goodie table:  We will be setting up a table for refreshments.  If you can bring some cookies or easy to hold snacks, that would be great!

Backstage moms: We will need two moms/grandmas to help backstage during the show with the younger dancers. This basically involves making sure they are all ready to go on stage, and getting them to the bathroom if there is a need.  Please let us know if you are available to help.  After Nina’s dancers have performed, we will allow a moment between scenes for them to get with their families in the audience.

Seating:  If you are planning to watch the show, please purchase a ticket at the door.  If this is a problem, please let us know, as we can always accept help in exchange for tickets. 

We ask that seats are saved ahead of time for audience members with special needs only.  Thank you.

Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland schedule

Full cast run through at the studio:

Monday, November 18 at 4:30

Tuesday, December 3 at 4:30

*please do your best to attend!

Show week at the theater:

(Monday, December 9, classes as usual at studio)

Tuesday, December 10: set up at theater after lunch

*We will need a few parent volunteers

*classes as usual

Wednesday, December 11: tech rehearsal at 5pm

(excluding Nina’s class)

Thursday, December 12: dress rehearsal full cast at 5pm

Friday, December 13: performance at 6pm

Saturday, December 14:  performance at 1pm

(clean-up follows show)

*Nina’s students arrive 30 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done already

*Natalie’s ballet 1 arrive 45 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done

*Natalie’s ballet 2 arrive 45 minutes before show time, hair and make-up done

*All of Kathy’s students arrive 2 hours before show time for warm ups and prep, some rehearsal

Fall Schedule

Hi everyone! I hope you have all had a good summer vacation. I am starting to get inquiries about classes now, so I want to get at least a little info out.
Classes will start up the week after Labor Day, Monday, September 9. The schedule will be similar to other years, but we are looking at adding a class on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30 for the 5-6 year olds, to include the youngest of the students who may have been in Natalie’s large class as well as those leaving Nina’s class. (please keep in mind that age is just a guideline and the right class will be determined by experience and skill level)
Mondays and Wednesdays:
3:30- 4:15 ballet 1, ages 5-6
4:15-5 ballet 2, ages 6-8
5-6:15 ballet 3, ages 9-12
3:30-4:00 pre-ballet
Tuesdays and Thursdays:
4:00-6:00 teens
10-2 teens
Adult ballet is scheduled for Tuesdays and possibly Thursdays at 11
No classes over Thanksgiving week, November 25-30
No classes after performance or over Winter Recess
Classes resume January 13, 2020
Spring Recital week of May 12-17
😍There are plans afoot for tap classes this year! Jessie and I are working on the schedule. One possible time is Saturday afternoons, but we will keep you posted as we get the schedule set.
Winter performance dates! Please mark them on your calendar now!!
Studio group rehearsals: possible dates (2 dates will be chosen) at 4
Tuesday and Wednesday, November 19, 20, and Tuesday and Wednesday December 3, 4
Tuesday, December 10-move to the Redwood Playhouse
Wednesday, December 11-tech rehearsal at 4
Thursday, December 12-dress rehearsal at 5
Friday, December 13, performance at 6
Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 14&15, performances at 1
I hope this helps and answers a few questions you may have. Stay tuned for more.

Final show


Hello Dancers and families, Well, today is our final performance of Sleeping Beauty. I am very pleased with how well it is going, and with the audience turnout! Thank you all for your support.
I am noticing that things are running much smoother now backstage and in the dressing room than at previous shows. I see a lot of effort from parents and dancers to make this happen. It really makes a good difference.
After today’s show we need to clean up. I will have a list of jobs needing to be done. As usual, I engage the help of all the older dancers, and they do a great job. Learning about the behind the scenes responsibilities is good preparation for them when they head out of here and want to be part of other dance and theater groups.
Adult help is always welcome, though. Find a crew to join up with and the work will get done even faster. Good jobs to jump in on are getting the folding chairs put away and the the movie seats back along the sides.
The seating area must be well swept and the movie seat platforms vacuumed before they are pushed back. This prevents a build up of debris.
Anyway, the goal is to get the jobs done and the theater looking ready for the next event.
We may need a dad to assist with moving the dance floor back into storage. I will let you know about that later.
See you all soon!