Fall schedule ideas

Hi, I hope summer is going well for you! I wanted to touch base with you about a few fall schedule plans.
The most important change is that Nina’s class might be Tuesdays at 3:30. The next level, Dance to Your own Tune, would be Thursday at 3:30.
Mondays and Wednesdays, at 3:30, would be for the next levels, pre-primary and primary, as a once or twice a week option.
Mondays and Wednesdays, from 4:15-5:30 would be for a grade 1 and 2 level class, mostly for grade school aged students, depending on the enrollment.
Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:15-6:15, will be for the teens.
Saturdays are reserved for working on exam syllabus, each level meeting at a different time starting at 9am.
Monday and Wednesday at 5:30 are still undecided. I heard a little birdie whisper that there might be an adult jazz class on Mondays……..
**I would like to start a barre workout class soon, I may have found the right program. It will include some pilates mat work for a warm-up and some stretching at the end.
At this time, I plan on teaching it Tuesday and Thursday mornings. I am thinking 9am after kids are dropped off at school.
What do you think?
So, nothing is solidified, this schedule is a rough draft version until we have a teacher meeting early August, but I wanted to get my thoughts out to everyone.

Fair mishap!


Fair info for moms of Nina’s students!!! I realized last night that a misunderstanding had developed around the fair schedule. The Ewoks are only dancing Sunday, as was always planned. Saturday is act 1, Sunday acts 2 and 3. Check in at the tent behind the main stage at 11, ready to dance at 11:45, show starts at noon. I will call everyone also…..

Thank yous, and Summer Arts Fair


Thank you to everyone for creating such a wonderful spring performance this year!
Next up is the Summer Arts Fair at Benbow next weekend. We are gathering dancers from each class to perform. Both shows will commence at noon on the main stage. Little Ewoks will only dance on Sunday. This Wednesday we will make a list of who wants to participate and hopefully have performer wristbands to pass out as well.
The next class is showing interest, so we can perform the Jedi dance, the Comet dance, and the Princess Leia’s garden dance. We will rehearse Tuesday and Wednesday at 4, and also we hope to have performer wristbands to pass out for you as well.
I have been making arrangements with some of the moms to be backstage helpers. This is crucial, so be sure and talk to me at rehearsal so we can make a list of parents and the dancers they will be watching.
The older dancers are ready, we have made plans and the teens are even choreographing some new pieces on the own to perform.
The tappers will perform their dance, there is enough interest to participate. Please come to at least one of the rehearsals.
Reminder- all performers are encouraged to ride the shuttle, we only get 2 performer parking passes so we can load in costumes. Believe me, the shuttle seems like the best option, having had to deal with the hassle of the parking situation every year, even with a performer pass!!! Also, parents need to purchase passes unless we have signed you up as a backstage helper.
Have a fun week-end, see you net week!

A few more details!


Something else helpful for Ewok moms…. if your child is only dancing and not watching the full show, arrive at show time to get ready, as act 1 is 20 minutes long, followed by a short intermission….plenty of time to get costumes on for act 2.

And for the moms of the Tuesday/Thursday girls, arrive 30 minutes before showtime, with your hair and make-up done. I think that will be enough time to get ready for the show. Each girl now has a tub with their name and costume list on it, which will probably stay in the hall by the stage door for all the quick changes they have! On Thursday, after act 2 is over , they can slip to the seats to watch act 3.

All other dancers arrive 60 minutes before show time to dress and warm-up.

Hope this helps!

All right moms, see if this helps, it is from the program. Also, if you see any mistakes, let me know. Thanks!

Act 1
Star Wars Main Title
Nya, Angelica, Saffron, Jaxon, Byron, Kauan, Macy, Sabina, Ella, Adalaya, Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane

Yoda’s Theme
Saffron, Sierra, Riley, Vida, Coral Lynn, Eva, Mahala, Esme, Maylin

Cantina Band #2
Evie, Serena, Amy Jane, Kiana, Coral, Sierra, Riley

Qui-Gon’s Noble End
Byron, Nya, Angelica

Anakin’s Theme
Angelica, Sierra, Kiana, Sabina, Adalaya, Nya

Duel of the Fates
Natalie, Kelly, Kathy, Sabina, Byron, Jaxon, Ella, Angelica, Adalaya, Nya, Macy, Saffron, Kauan, Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane

Across the Stars
Nya, Angelica, Sabina, Ella, Adalaya, Jaxon, Byron, Kauan, Saffron Macy, Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane, Sierra, Riley, Vida, Coral Lynn, Eva, Mahala, Esme, Maylin

Act 2
Princess Leia’s Theme
Nya, Angelica, Sabina, Ella/Macy, Adalaya, Kauan, Saffron Macy, Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane, Sierra, Riley, Vida, Coral Lynn, Eva, Mahala, Esme, Maylin

The Imperial March (Darth Vader’s Theme)
Nya, Angelica, Sabina, Adalaya, Jaxon, Byron, Kauan, Saffron Macy, Kiana, , Sierra, Riley, Vida, Coral Lynn, Eva, Mahala, Esme, Maylin, Ella/Macy Coral, Amy Jane

Cantina Band
Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane, Angelica, Ella, Natalie, Kauan, Jaxon, Saffron, Nya, Byron
Special guest performer: Janice Parakilas

The Falcon
Jaxon, Saffron, Byron

Parade of the Ewoks
Lucy, Alice, Mahayla, Lily L.,Alyssa, Emily, Lily H., Kaya, Lily V., Samantha, Emmalyn, Kalliope, Kylie, Gwyn, Alana, Amy Jane

The Light Saber/ The Ewok Battle
Byron, Sabina, Nya, Angelica, Ella, Adalaya, Jaxon, Kauan, Saffron Macy, Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane, Sierra, Riley, Vida, Coral Lynn, Eva, Mahala, Esme, Maylin, Lucy, Alice, Mahayla, Lily L.,Alyssa, Emily, Lily H., Kaya, Lily V., Samantha, Emmalyn, Kalliope, Kylie, Gwyn, Alana

Victory Celebration
entire cast

Act 3
Coral, Kiana, Amy Jane, Kauan, Saffron, Ella, Jaxon, Adalaya, Angelica, Nya, Macy, Byron

The Starkiller
Byron, Coral, Jaxon, Ella/Macy

Rey’s Theme
Adalaya, Kiana, Kauan

Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle
Adalaya, Coral, Jaxon, Saffron, Kauan, Macy

The Jedi Steps and Finale
dancers from Act 3


Hello dancers and families, Today we are starting to set up the theater. There is class as usual AT THE STUDIO at 3:30 followed by a run through of the entire show-without Ewoks.

A few reminders- class payments for this session are due. If you still need to make a payment, please do so soon.

All dancers except Ewoks will be using nude tights, which I have ordered from Kevin. The cost is $9 for children and $13.50 adult sizes.

We are hoping to have the concessions table well stocked for our audiences. Brook will be contacting you via email or facebook about setting up the day that works best for you. The money raised is used for scholarships or special activities.

Wednesday rehearsal is at 4pm, for act 2, the act with the Ewoks and Cantina scene.

Thursday is a full run through dress rehearsal at 4pm. This is a good day to take photos and videos.

Tickets will be available 30 minutes before the show. If you are only coming for act 2, after your child is ready to dance, she can stay with Nina and you can slip round to the front and watch from the back until your child is done. Act 2 is about 20 minutes long. For those of you watching the entire show, there will be a brief intermission after Act 1, when you can bring your child around to the dressing room. I suggest that she already have her costume on before the show starts.

We can make plans for backstage helpers on Wednesday.

See you soon.