Performance news


Hello Dancers and families, I just did my best to create an event page on Facebook for the upcoming performances for you to share. Please invite all of your family and friends to come see us perform!
A reminder that we have a studio dress rehearsal this Tuesday at 4:30. Arrive, and put on costumes, no make up required, then the rehearsal will go from 5-6pm. Class as scheduled for Nina at 3:45, and classes as scheduled on Monday and Wednesday. If three days are too many, prioritize the dress rehearsal on Tuesday.
I also need everyone to fill out a special event Hold Harmless form as CR has set some new requirements for me to follow.

Thanks! See you soon.

Scenery castle

Schedule plans, one change only


So after a brief but intense time working out the schedule issues, here is my decision. I will keep the Saturday and Sunday matinees as scheduled at 1pm, but change Friday to 5pm so families can enjoy the truck parade. And please remind me ahead of time next year.
Something I would like to point out though, is that we have been doing winter ballet shows for a long time now, and that when community plans are made, I think WE ought to be consulted before other events are planned on the same weekend! We deserve that consideration, in my opinion. Many families participate, as dancers, helpers, and audience, and we are a force to be reckoned with here in SoHum! (Count the kids). Just having my say…. Ha, maybe Santa wants to come to the theater!
Perhaps we can submit the performance schedules in September to the Chamber…. is it up and running these days? Or is there a better avenue for me to contact?

schedule change ideas for performances


Hi parents,
Darryl caught some scheduling conflicts for the show, and I like his suggestions. He says the lighted parade is at 7 on Friday, so can we do the show at 5? The teens will have to get rides from school to arrive in time to warm up, but that can be worked out.
Then he says Santa time conflicts with the matinees, so could the Saturday matinee become an early evening show as well…. I suggest 5, little kids arrive by 4:15 or so, teens much sooner, by 3:30.
Sunday would stay at 1.
Please give me some feedback if there are any major problems with the changes!

Important dates coming up!



We will hold rehearsals next week for all students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:15, (November 12, 13, 14). These will be run-throughs of the entire show so that everyone can see how all the pieces are fitting together.  We ought to be done by 5:15.  Please come to at least one of these rehearsals, or all of them.

The following week is Thanksgiving vacation.  After that we will need to work hard, as the shows will be the week after!

Tuesday, November 27 there will be a rehearsal in costume, at the studio, for all dancers at 4:30.

SHOW WEEK, December 3-9

Monday and Tuesday, classes as usual at the studio

  • Tuesday, during the day we will load in all the costumes, dance floor etc. to the theater.
  • Wednesday, Tech rehearsal at 4:15 for older dancers at the theater


Nina and Natalie’s dancers arrive 30 minutes before show

Kathy’s dancers arrive 1 ½ hours before shows to warm up

  • Thursday, Dress Rehearsal, all dancers, at 5:00
  • Friday, performance at 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, performances at 1pm
  • Sunday we will also load out all of our things and clean the theater.

Possible schedule change for recital

Dear dancers and families,

It looks like we may need to change our performance dates to the weekend of December 14, 15, 16, with rehearsals the preceding week.  We are being asked if we can accommodate a change in other events scheduled at the Playhouse, and it seems okay to me.  I have checked the public school schedule, and winter break does not start until the following Saturday, the 22nd, so it seems that everyone will still be around.

If there are special school events that week, we can do our best to work around them.

By the way, we are moving along at a steady pace.  Doing a classical ballet is challenging to us all, as there is a lot of “acting” involved rather than just “turn on the music and dance”!

Thanks for all the support!

Fall Session

Hello dancers, families and friends! Summer vacation will be over soon, so I thought a post about the fall schedule was in order.
Classes will start up the week of September 10.
pre ballet: Tuesdays at 3:45
intro to dance for little guys will be offered Thursdays at 3:45
ballet 1, for dancers in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade is Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:15
ballet 2, for dancers in the upper elementary grades (3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) is Mondays and Wednesdays at 5
teens have classes Tuesday and Thursday at 4:15, Saturdays 9-2 based on exam level
teens also have the option of doing supervised strength training for dance Mondays and Wednesdays after school
I will let you know about pre-registration at the end of the month.
A full schedule with payments will be available at the studio in September.
This session will conclude with a performance at the Redwood Playhouse the week end of December 8-10.
A classwear list will be available on the Discount Dance website at the end of the month. Please wait to make any dancewear purchases.
See you all soon, and thank you!

Checking in!

Hi dancers, families and friends! I hope you are all having a great summer and finding some ways to stay cool in spite of the heat wave that continues. Some of the adults and teens have been able to make it to class and are getting a little ahead on next year’s syllabus studies. There have not been classes for younger students, in case you were wondering.

In a few weeks we will be getting our schedule ready to post and may even plan a registration day.

Thank you for your continuing interest and support, SoHumdancing

Recital Updates

Spring Recital Updates
*Extra full cast rehearsals at the studio:
Tuesday, April 24, and Wednesday April 25 at 5 pm, please try to attend at least one of these.
Tuesday May 8, and Wednesday May 9, at 5 pm please make plans to attend at least one of these rehearsals!
Monday May 14 5pm all dancers, please, younger ones if possible
AT THE REDWOOD PLAYHOUSE: the week of May 14th-20th
Move in, Tuesday, probably starting around 1pm
Tech rehearsal Kathy and Natalie’s students, Wed at 4.
Dress rehearsal, all dancers, Thursday at 5
Shows Friday at 6, Sat. and Sun. at 1
Nina’s students arrive 30 minutes before showtime, makeup and hair done
Natalie’s dancers arrive 45 minutes before showtime, makeup and hair done
Kathy’s younger dancers arrive 1 hour before showtime
Teens arrive 2 hours before showtime
Parent helper jobs:
Helper moms, 2 for each show
Set up and clean up:
Getting the dance floor, costumes and props on Tuesday around 1pm
Setting up the dance floor Wednesday around noon
Setting up the chairs before dress rehearsal
Managing the concessions table, a helper for each show
Organize the dressing room
Clean up:
All the above, in reverse, after the show on Sunday
Special notes: This year’s show has become very complex and we could use some extra help.
We will need masks for the owls (Natalie’s girls), and monsters (Kathy’s girls)
I have felt, glue and patterns and have found some great ideas on pinterest, etc. I know from past experience that there is a very creative, helpful, group of moms, and am hoping we can set a date to get these done.
We need some silvery, or gray outfits that go on quickly, for the ghosts.
They can be shirts and pants, dresses, etc. I am going to dig around in the costume room, and maybe check out the thrift store, but if you have something at home that you can share, that would be nice. The dancers are ages 6-13.
I would love to see some exciting goodies for the concessions table. I think it would be really fun for our audiences to get a full experience of the setting.
Getting the word out
I will be sure to print up lots of the half and quarter sheet posters so you can pass them around to all your family and friends. The dancers and teachers are working hard to make this a good show, we are all having a lot of fun, and I want to share this with as many of our community members as possible!
We hope you can join us for Summer Session, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, July 17- August 9, for 4 weeks. All levels will be included, and we will keep you updated as plans are developed.
*Classes for teens will continue after the show, meeting Tuesday afternoons and Saturdays. After school is out, they can join the adults on Tuesday mornings, instead of coming in the afternoon. I have explained to them that they have achieved a level of skill that now requires continuous attention, with shorter breaks in their training. As a matter of fact, I think you will be very impressed with how far they have progressed in the last year!
Thank you all very much!!!