Winter Wonderland

Hi everyone, plans for our winter performances are shaping up.  Rehearsals started this week, and things are looking great!

Here is the schedule as of now:

Friday Dec.6  Open rehearsal for all dancers available to come.  We will set a schedule for each dance to be rehearsed, starting around 4pm..  This is an idea that is popular with other ballet schools, so I thought we could have a go at it.   I am thinking that this will be mostly for the older dancers.

Monday, Dec. 9 dress rehearsal for all dancers, starting with the youngest dancers at 4 pm (this will be in place of the 3 earliest classes).  Pre-teens, teens and adults will start at 5pm.We will rehearse in costumes and possibly with stage lights!  This might be a great time to take some photos of your dancer!

Classes will continue as scheduled through that week.


Weekend one:

Friday, Dec. 13, show at 6 pm

Saturday, Dec.14, I would like to do 2 shows, at 1 pm and 4 pm, rather than 1 show at 6pm.  This is also a day of the Winter Arts Fair at the Mateel.  Families can combine enjoying both events on the same day.  I believe we have done this successfully in the past.

Weekend two, with our guest dancers!

Friday, Dec. 20, show at 6 pm

Sunday, Dec.22, two shows, 1pm and 4 pm

Please note that our youngest dancers will be divided into two groups, each group performing  3 shows only!

Details on arrival times for each group of dancers will be available later.



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