What your dancer needs for the show

What the young dancers need for the show: girls, their pink tights and their pink slippers; boys, black tights and black slippers. I will have their  costumes for them. Kevin and I had tried to find little pink socks for the girls to use for class, thus saving their tights for the show, but this didn’t happen. So, I hope everyone still has a good pair of tights to wear! I have some extras in various sizes, all washed up in case anyone needs any. Girls, hair is always in a bun, or pulled back away from the face, if short. For the little ones, bobbi pins, gel, and hairnets from the grocery store should suffice. Older dancers will most likely need hairpins from Threadbare Dancewear. Boys may need a hair cut or trim, and some gel to shape their hair if it is longer.  Dancers in act 1 should arrive 30 minutes before show time, with their hair done, a little lipstick if they want, and their tights on, ready to finish dressing at the studio.  Dancers in act 2, pre teens, teens and adults, will need to arrive 2 hours before show time to warm up.

The next post will have info on buying tickets.


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