During the week of March 16th all students will be participating in classwork assessments.  These will take place during regular class times.  Please be sure to have your dancer arrive 15 minutes ahead, neatly dressed in clean dancewear, with their hair in a bun or well pulled back.  Parents will be asked to wait in the atrium during the activity. 

The dancers have been working hard to prepare for the assessments, as well as their presentations the following week for the Observation Classes, which are open to family and friends.

Observation Week, March 24- 27:

*the regular class schedule will NOT take place on Monday and Tuesday!

Monday, March 24: 4-5 

Nina’s pre ballet classes, Natalie’s Monday pre ballet class, and Kathy’s Monday/Wednesday first level classes 

Monday, March 25: 5:15-6:15

teen classes

Tuesday, March 25: 4-5

Natalie’s Tuesday girls’ class, the boys’ class, and Kathy’s Tuesday/Thursday level two classes

Tuesday, March 25: 5:15-6:15

Tuesday/ Thursday pre-teen classes

*classes will resume their regular schedule for the remainder of the week*

Studio vacation is March 28-April 5


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