Parent Helpers

We will need parent helpers for a variety of jobs to help make the performance week go smoothly. Following are some of the projects that we will need help with:
Backstage: we will need some moms to be backstage each night of dress rehearsal and performances to assist the dancers when they are not on stage. The most important aspect is to ensure that dancers are safe and behaving quietly so as not to disturb the audience.
Bake sale: Each day we will need bakers to bring goodies. We will need a parent to assist with the bake sale table before the performances. This job will also encompass handling the bouquet and tee shirt sales.
Bouquets: We will need a parent to assemble a small group of people to make bouquets for each performance. Arrangements will be made ahead of time with Tranquility Lane Flowers for supplies.
Proceeds from these projects go towards the scholarship fund and enrichment programs, for activities such as workshops or guest teachers.
Set up and clean up: We will need a few adults to assist with setting up before, and cleaning up after, the shows.
Feet First dance floor. We will be borrowing the rolled vinyl flooring from Feet First. Getting this to and from the theater will require a covered pick-up truck and 2 or 3 guys( without back problems).
A sign-up sheet will be posted soon.


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