Schedule change!

Hi everyone! I am making a schedule change for the session start-up date. We will start the following week from the one originally planned, and start Monday, January 12. I will revise the details soon, but wanted to get this info out today.

Dancers from the Magic Doll Shop who are participating in the Morris Graves event on Sunday, January 11 at 2 pm, please note that there are 2 rehearsals scheduled with Feet First. The first one is Saturday, January 3 at 11 am- 2pm, the next one is Saturday the 10th at 11am-2pm (dress rehearsal, but I will probably not bring the costumes).. These will take place at the Vets Hall. Hopefully you can make it, at least the one for the 10th, when we learn a finale choreographed by Sue. I will probably call everyone about this early next week. Thus far the dances are- Tarantella, Mazurka, Spanish, and CanCan. We may also add Russian, Harlequin and Angel, however. i will find out soon and let you know.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!


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