Welcome back

Welcome back to ballet class, everyone.  I hope you had a great vacation.  This session we are focusing on perfecting all of the Royal Academy of Dance class work exercises and dances we started learning in the fall.  We will end the session with assessments and parent observation days of the work to celebrate the progress everyone has made this year.  Some students will be participating in the exams offered by the Royal Academy of Dance.  Each year I hope to include more students in the RAD exams as I become more familiar and comfortable with the process.  While these exams offer the students an opportunity to perform their work for someone from the Academy, it is a way for my teaching skills to be assessed as well, helping me to see where my strong points are, as well as showing me areas that need more development.

After spring break at the end of March we will begin the spring session.  The two areas of focus will be to introduce students to new steps and exercises from a higher level, and to prepare for and present our spring recital, the week end of May 22nd.  The teens will also perform at the Summer Arts Fair.

Thank you all for joining SoHum Dancing!


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