Hi everyone! Here are a few notes as we head into the show week.
*** A schedule change- on Wednesday we can start an hour earlier, as it is a short day at school. This rehearsal is ONLY for Kathy’s students, grade 2 and up. We will gather at 3:30 to warm up, and do a short run through for light and sound check starting at 4, and NOT at 5. We can be done by 5pm, I hope.
Tomorrow, Monday the 7th, Nina’s girls are meeting at 3pm all together, then staying for the rehearsal at 4. They do not need to come at 2. (Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I think we set this last Monday). Nina’s girls are not required to come both Monday and Tuesday, but will be needed for dress rehearsal on Thursday, ready to dance by 5pm.
Remember to consider bringing some goodies for the table at the shows. Amy Arcuri will be handling this project.
I need two moms for each show to help backstage, one in the dressing room and one by the stage door to handle emergency bathroom runs, etc.!
That’s all for now, stay posted here for anymore news.

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