Fall schedule plans

Hi everyone, In case you are starting to wonder about the ballet schedule this fall, I wanted to let you know that we are working on the plans right now. There are going to be some changes, mainly because we are “growing up” and need to accommodate another level or two. Classes will start the week of September 12, however.
One of the changes in the works is switching Nina’s pre ballet class to Wednesdays at 3:15. Nina got a wonderful new job, but it is in Eureka, so that means she has to get time off work to drive down. Her boss very generously is being flexible with her schedule though. It will be a mixed age group, however, but allowing for an hour of class time means that the younger ones can do the first half of class if necessary, then the older ones can do additional activities. Nina had hoped to set up a Saturday class, but too many of her students are doing soccer.
Some of Nina’s older students are also ready to move up to the next level as are Natalie’s, hence the schedule changes.
Another change is the possibility of having the grade 3 students do their Tuesday/Thursday class at 5…..parents, I will be calling you today and tomorrow to discuss this. Doing this will allow us to add another level at 4:15, probably a primary/grade 1 group on Tues and Thursday. these would be Natalie’s older students.
I also want to add some classes by creating a second studio out of the large space, so that the older students can do pilates, pointe/pre pointe and floor barre work during the 4:15 classes. For all of us, this will mean that we have to be more efficient about coming in and out of the studio and keeping the noise level down!
I would like to start class registrations the week of September 5, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 1-5, so we can get a jump start on things and use the first week of classes as class time, not sign ups. So, stay tuned, we will have the schedule worked out really soon!

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