Show notes!

Hello dancers and families! Now that Halloween is over we are moving swiftly ahead on our Winter Wonderland plans and choreography. As a reminder here are some important dates for you:

At the studio:

We will do 2 group rehearsals tentatively on the following dates:
Tuesday November 29, and Wednesday November 30 at 4pm. If your child has class earlier, please come at their regular class time for a little extra practice.

At the Redwood Playhouse:

Tuesday, December 6: We move dance floor, costumes, sets, and props to the theater during the day.

There will be dress/tech rehearsals on Wednesday the 7th and Thursday the 8th at 4pm. We will do act 1 on Wednesday and Act 2 on Thursday . Nina’s students and my pre-ballet students (the Tuesday group at 3:30) will probably only need to attend the Wednesday dress rehearsal, as they will take turns doing a minor part in act 2. These rehearsals should be done by 5:30 if all goes well!

Performances are the weekend of Dec. 9, 10, and 11. Friday’s show will be at 6pm and Saturday and Sunday’s shows at 1pm.

As always, there are some “jobs” that require parent volunteers:
getting the rolled dance floor to the theater, managing the goodie table, and baking goodies for each show.

We also need 2 parents each show to assist backstage.

After the show on Sunday, we will need some extra help from dancers and parents to clean up and return things to storage and the studio.

Stay posted for further updates!


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