Spring Recital Session

Next week will be a good time for students who were not in the winter session to come back for the spring recital session. We will start working on the dances in the next week or two, so it would be great to see everyone back in class.
Students already attending the winter session will re-register for the spring recital session after the spring break in April.
Jessie and I are working on the schedule for tap as well. She will be back the first week of April, though we don’t know yet which day class will be, possibly Friday afternoons.
The recital at the Redwood Playhouse is the weekend of May 19, 20, 21.
The spring recital session will go through the week of June 5th, with some, perhaps all, students performing at the Summer Arts Fair June 3 and 4. 
We hope to see you soon!

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