Spring session news

Spring session updates

Next week is the spring holiday, no classes will be scheduled.  However!, THERE WILL BE GROUP REHEARSALS FOR THE OLDER DANCERS-YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE-Saturday the 15th,10:30-12:30, Wednesday the 19th 4-6pm, and Saturday the 22nd 10:30-12:30.  Please come if you are around, it will keep us from backsliding on the choreography.  We will also be working on costuming if you would like to help.

When classes resume on April 24th, we officially begin the Spring Session, which will go until the week of June 5th.  Payments for the session will be due at that time.  I will prepare and post the fees soon.

Tap classes:  there will be one tap class this Friday, 3:30-4:30.  No tap during the vacation.  The tappers will be droids in the recital and the classes will work on the dance for the recital.  We do already have the roles of R2D2, C3PO and BB8 filled, but please have fun creating a droid of your own.

Special rehearsals!  Joan Becker has kindly agreed to choreograph the Cantina scene for Star Wars.  If you would like to participate (parents included) please attend the following rehearsals to learn the dance.  Other rehearsals will take place as we move towards the recital.

Monday, April 24th at 5pm, and Monday May 1st 4pm-6pm.

The recital:  The recital takes place Friday May 19th at 6pm and Saturday and Sunday, the 20th and 21st, at 1 pm.  There will be a dress rehearsal at the theater Wednesday the 17th at 4pm for part of the show (the middle section which features the Ewoks), and Thursday the 18th at 4pm for the entire show.  More details on that later.

There will be two group rehearsals at the studio: Wednesday May 3rd at 4pm and Tuesday May 9th at 4pm.

We will be setting up the theater on Tuesday the 16th during the day.  After the show on Sunday we clean up and put everything away. We will need a few parent helpers for this, in particular, one or two dads with good backs, to assist moving the dance flooring.  Let us know if you are available.

Email list:  We are compiling a list of parents’ emails for contacting parents about the concessions.  We hope to provide our audiences with some (Star Wars themed) goodies at each show.  Sign up papers are posted by the door.

Summer Arts Fair:  We are looking into having the dancers participate in the fair performance, probably Sunday only, June 4th.  More details as we hear more about the plans from Feet First Dancers.

Summer Session:  We are making plans to have classes for 3 weeks during the summer, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, July 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, and 25, 26, 27.  The focus will be on classwork preparing for next year’s syllabus work.

Thank you, Kathy kwolman@asis.com


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