Hello dancers and families, Today we are starting to set up the theater. There is class as usual AT THE STUDIO at 3:30 followed by a run through of the entire show-without Ewoks.

A few reminders- class payments for this session are due. If you still need to make a payment, please do so soon.

All dancers except Ewoks will be using nude tights, which I have ordered from Kevin. The cost is $9 for children and $13.50 adult sizes.

We are hoping to have the concessions table well stocked for our audiences. Brook will be contacting you via email or facebook about setting up the day that works best for you. The money raised is used for scholarships or special activities.

Wednesday rehearsal is at 4pm, for act 2, the act with the Ewoks and Cantina scene.

Thursday is a full run through dress rehearsal at 4pm. This is a good day to take photos and videos.

Tickets will be available 30 minutes before the show. If you are only coming for act 2, after your child is ready to dance, she can stay with Nina and you can slip round to the front and watch from the back until your child is done. Act 2 is about 20 minutes long. For those of you watching the entire show, there will be a brief intermission after Act 1, when you can bring your child around to the dressing room. I suggest that she already have her costume on before the show starts.

We can make plans for backstage helpers on Wednesday.

See you soon.


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