Thank yous, and Summer Arts Fair


Thank you to everyone for creating such a wonderful spring performance this year!
Next up is the Summer Arts Fair at Benbow next weekend. We are gathering dancers from each class to perform. Both shows will commence at noon on the main stage. Little Ewoks will only dance on Sunday. This Wednesday we will make a list of who wants to participate and hopefully have performer wristbands to pass out as well.
The next class is showing interest, so we can perform the Jedi dance, the Comet dance, and the Princess Leia’s garden dance. We will rehearse Tuesday and Wednesday at 4, and also we hope to have performer wristbands to pass out for you as well.
I have been making arrangements with some of the moms to be backstage helpers. This is crucial, so be sure and talk to me at rehearsal so we can make a list of parents and the dancers they will be watching.
The older dancers are ready, we have made plans and the teens are even choreographing some new pieces on the own to perform.
The tappers will perform their dance, there is enough interest to participate. Please come to at least one of the rehearsals.
Reminder- all performers are encouraged to ride the shuttle, we only get 2 performer parking passes so we can load in costumes. Believe me, the shuttle seems like the best option, having had to deal with the hassle of the parking situation every year, even with a performer pass!!! Also, parents need to purchase passes unless we have signed you up as a backstage helper.
Have a fun week-end, see you net week!

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