Important dates coming up!



We will hold rehearsals next week for all students on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4:15, (November 12, 13, 14). These will be run-throughs of the entire show so that everyone can see how all the pieces are fitting together.  We ought to be done by 5:15.  Please come to at least one of these rehearsals, or all of them.

The following week is Thanksgiving vacation.  After that we will need to work hard, as the shows will be the week after!

Tuesday, November 27 there will be a rehearsal in costume, at the studio, for all dancers at 4:30.

SHOW WEEK, December 3-9

Monday and Tuesday, classes as usual at the studio

  • Tuesday, during the day we will load in all the costumes, dance floor etc. to the theater.
  • Wednesday, Tech rehearsal at 4:15 for older dancers at the theater


Nina and Natalie’s dancers arrive 30 minutes before show

Kathy’s dancers arrive 1 ½ hours before shows to warm up

  • Thursday, Dress Rehearsal, all dancers, at 5:00
  • Friday, performance at 6pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, performances at 1pm
  • Sunday we will also load out all of our things and clean the theater.

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